There are a lot of things going on in Copenhagen, especially in summer which makes it a top favourite for travellers. This hipster capital of Scandinavia offers unique experiences including the tendency to ride more bicycles than cars. Copenhagen is also one of the world’s richest cities in terms of economics which is why everything tends to be expensive there. Many people visit the city in summer for varying reasons such as:

Party Like a Dane

In summer, the Danish music festival takes place to make all Danes come out of their homes to dance with everyone on the streets. Although the event might look chaotic, this is understandable in the land of the Vikings. You can expect a massive street party with pumping music from several stages with people sticking out of every window. The festival lasts for five days and moves to various neighborhoods in the city every day. This is the kind of event you may never see in other cities in the world.

Witness Tivoli in a Clear Day

This fantastic amusement garden is in the center of the city providing much more than just rides and roller coasters. You can easily spend a day here as it has almost everything you need to have a productive day, from restaurants to shops. In fact, it easy to find apartments in copenhagen holiday when you go there. But, the best thing about summer visits there is that they host amazing concerts for free. You can expect to witness performances from world-renowned stars.

Enjoy the Waters

Although summer in Copenhagen is not as hot as other cities in the world, there are still a few warm days to turn the country into a summer beach city to let everyone experience the bliss of sea bathing. You can go to the Islands Brygge public bath if you stay in the city centre or visit the gorgeous 5 km Amagerstrand beach. Summer is beach time for the Dane and when the temperature hits more than 25 C, nobody stays indoors.

Enjoy Danish Street Food

If you love food, then Copenhagen is the place you should be in. The city has lots of trendy restaurants and cafes. It takes food fusion seriously.  The Copenhagen Street Food market is full of street food stalls of different kitchens from all parts of the globe. Once you get a good grab there, you can spend some time outside the market to watch the city’s busy side.